In Crisis over Coronavirus

Dear Janine, I feel really anxious and ill-prepared for the Coronavirus situation. What can I do to get through the lockdown as easily as possible with two children aged 7 and 9? Thanks in advance. Regards, Anne Dear Anne  I hear you and believe me you are definitely...

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Dear Janine, My side hustle on Etsy was finally generating enough income for me to quit my boring office job. I'm so excited because I've always dreamt of being an entrepreneur! My problem is now that I'm working from home, it feels like my motivation and productivity...

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Celebrating Singledom this Valentine’s Day

Dear Janine, I ended my 6 year relationship 3 months ago and although my family was shocked, I'm happy with my decision. Do you have any ideas on how I can celebrate being single on Valentine's Day, as I've noticed some people in my life are feeling sorry for me?...

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Festivities and Family Fairness

Dear Janine, In our family, we all buy each other presents for Christmas. My problem is that I often spend way more on my brother and nieces than my brother spends on me and my children. I don't want to be mean, but this really annoys me, as I take a lot of time and...

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