Disordered eating

“Binge eating is a sign that you’re trying to fulfil a need from your past in the present. “


At one point, about 85% of the female entrepreneurs in my practice were presenting with binge-eating symptoms.

What happens with binge eating is that you get triggered by an emotion and then try to distract and self-soothe yourself with food.

My goal is to help my clients find out what the emotional root cause of their episodes are.

It could be feelings of not being good enough, comparing yourself and feeling different or unresolved trauma (like having to go without as a child) being triggered. There is a reason for the phrase “comfort food” and it’s a temporary solution you’re using to try to help yourself cope.  

Unfortunately, all the chocolates, freshly baked bread dripping in butter and best cheese platters in the world, will never heal your emotional pain and baggage.

In fact not only will you hate yourself afterwards, but it’ll also confirm to you the negative belief that you don’t have enough willpower and determination to control this area of your life. 

I have news for you. Good news in fact. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with willpower.

Once you’ve dealt with the underlying emotional baggage, this issue will be solved and you’ll no longer live fear of it happening yet again…

My proven method can either be done on a private one-to-one basis or you can join the waiting list for my 8-week group program Banish Binge-Eating for Good.