Free Resources

The Private Beach Escape Relaxation hypnosis.

A 15 minute relaxation hypnosis that you can use any time you need to hit the pause button, whether it be to reset half way through a stressful day or help you relax before you go to bed.

This audio will melt your stress away and take you to a hammock on your favourite beach.

The Visibility Hypnosis

You have a unique set of skills and talents to share with the world… But not being able to show up confidently and as your authentic self leads to you hiding, staying small and never fulfilling your true purpose.

Heal Your Inner Child Hypnosis

Whether you connect with one, or all of these statements, it’s not grown-up you that feels that connection.It’s your inner child.And unless you start the process to fully heal the child inside, you’ll never truly be the powerful adult you were born to be.

The Money Tap Meditation

I created this meditation to help you relax, let go and get back into flow and alignment so your money tap can open up again and flood wealth and abundance into your life.


I recommend that you listen to it twice a day for the first week and then daily to raise your vibration and unlock the wealth that is your birthright!

10 Day Self-Care Challenge

Self-Care isn’t Selfish………

You can’t pour from an empty cup

Use this 10 Day Self-Care challenge to take care of YOU