Do you feel free?

Completely and utterly free to be your truest self, to achieve your ambitions, to be blissfully happy and to soar?

Or you do you feel weighed down, burdened, and chained to the ground by childhood trauma and abuse, unable to reach the heights you were destined for?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Spoiler alert: If you’ve read even this far, that’s most likely a ‘no’ on the feeling free question.

It might not be the kind of topic that gets talked about at dinner parties and ladies’ nights, but childhood abuse is a very real, very damaging experience – and one that can have significant repercussions on you as an adult, if not fully resolved.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that it’s possible to come to terms with childhood abuse and to not only survive but thrive. To be strong, powerful, successful and confident – the mighty warrior woman you were born to be.

Is this the right course for you?

Any of these thoughts run through your head yet?

“Sure, my childhood wasn’t that great, but I don’t think it really qualifies as abusive.”

“I don’t even think about those times anymore – they don’t have any effect on my life as an adult.”

“The wounds go too deep. There’s nothing that can be done about them.”

You may be right. But before you close this page (who is this crazy woman?) let me explain exactly who I created this program for in the first place.


The girl who instead of spending Saturday nights at sleepovers, spent it listening to the sound of screaming, breaking glass, and drunken fights.


The girl who heard the words “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again” so many times, they became meaningless.


The girl who wasn’t scared of the monster in the closet, because her own monster was very real, and clawed her innocence out of her.


The girl whose broken bones, bruises and cuts may have healed, but whose scars are still raw and red and aching.


The girl who stared up at the sky, not seeing animal-shaped clouds, but wondering why this was happening to her.


The girl who felt she was part of a world that she didn’t belong to.

I created this course for all these little girls, and the women they became because I know just how heavily the aftermath of abuse can weigh on your life – how it can affect your career, the way you parent, your body issues, and so much more.

And while I know you’ve done the best you can to deal with it till now, through my course you’ll discover how utterly freeing and empowering it can be to say goodbye to the past and to embrace the present.

And if you’re still having doubts about whether this is the right course for you, let me tell you that if you’ve read this far, then yes, it absolutely is. You don’t know it, but your inner child who wants the best for you and who is identifying with every word on this page – she led you straight to me.

Cheeky little thing.

How will this program help me?

Super clichéd, but you have to go back to go forward. And here that means understanding your childhood abuse so that you can process it and move past it in a healthy and constructive way.

Were you physically abused?
Were you sexually abused?
Were you emotionally abused?

Together we’ll work to understand how the effects of your abuse have shown up in your adult life, and why.

Perhaps you constantly binge eat. Perhaps you’re too quiet and intimidated at work. Or perhaps the longest relationship you’ve ever had has been with your remote control.

Believe it or not, all of these behaviours and more can be traced back to childhood abuse. And all of these can be worked through and resolved to help you finally unleash the fierce, fabulous, freaking amazing woman inside.

Which is exactly what I’m here to help you with.

Meet Janine

As a survivor of childhood trauma myself, I know from personal experience just how important and just how valuable the healing process can be. That’s why I designed this program – to give you the tools and the awareness you need to heal yourself, free yourself, and empower yourself.

As a psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and heart-centred life coach, I’ve dedicated my career to helping women just like you.

But I don’t believe that it needs to take years of your life and all your hard-earned savings. Instead, all it needs is a little time, a little application, and a little thought, and you’ll have everything you need to put you on the path to emotional healing and wellness.

Imagine a life free from baggage and past hurt and pain – one where the best, most powerful you shines through every day.

That’s what I want for you, and that’s what my program is designed to give you.

What does it include?


A series of Emotional Freedom Technique instructional videos to help you connect with and work through emotions such as:

a. Resentment

b. Anger

c. Shame

d. Guilt (your abuse was NOT your fault – and you’ll come to realise that)

e. Grief (you may not have had the childhood you deserved, and it’s ok to grieve that)


A ‘Heal Your Inner Child’ hypnosis audio


A ‘Cutting the Cords’ hypnosis audio


An ‘Enoughness’ hypnosis audio that you’ll need to listen to every day for 30 days (fyi, that’s non-negotiable!)


An investment of just $497

Bonus offer! Start the journey to emotional health and wellness by signing up today, and you’ll receive a one-on-one 30-minute coaching call with me, absolutely free. We’re in this together now.

*Please note since this product is digitally delivered, all sales are final.

Would you rather continue to live with the after-effects of abuse and the million ways in which they control your life, or do you want to be free?

Don’t miss out on this chance to kick abuse to the kerb, and kick ass in every area of your life.

Find your inspiration

Not quite sold yet? That’s ok.

As a trauma expert, I’ve had the privilege of working with a number of women over the years, either in group therapy, one-on-one, or in my Facebook support group.

Their stories might inspire you to change yours.

“Janine is a fantastic RTT therapist. I am thrilled to have had a session with her.

The session was amazing and for the first time in my life, I feel like I can do anything and become the successful person I have always wanted to be.

I would recommend her to anyone.

Thank you so much, Janine!”

– C. Viljoen – 


“After one session of RTT, Janine helped me finally identify the root causes of difficulties I’ve been experiencing for years, yet never been able to overcome. With her expert insight, wisdom and coaching skills she is now helping me to create new beliefs and behaviours that support my dreams and goals.

Indeed Janine’s coaching has been absolutely instrumental in helping wire in habits to support my new empowering beliefs and living a life I aspire to lead. I feel so blessed and lucky to work with Janine. I cannot recommend her more highly!”

– J. Williams – 

Let’s work together to start taking your power back.

You CAN achieve mental, emotional, and psychological wellness – and what’s more, you deserve to!

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