You go to bed feeling absolutely fine. Nothing spectacular happened, it was a completely normal day. However, when you get up the next morning you immediately notice that something is wrong- very wrong in fact. You feel “bleh” about everything and everyone.

No excitement, no energy and everything sudden sucks.

Your Inner Critic starts saying things like ‘This is all so pointless, just give up and go find a real job.’ followed by ‘Nobody cares about your courses, your FB posts or the hours you’ve spent curating the perfect Instagram feed.’

From there it’s a slippery slope down a deep, dark hole that turns into a pity party on your couch, binge-watching Netflix and grabbing your comfort food of choice. The next thing you know, it’s 3 days later and you’re still on the couch in your PJ’s.

Sounds familiar?

What’s up with this low vibe energy and behaviour?

First of all, it’s completely normal and happens to EVERYONE. Your best plan of action when you notice this happening to you, is to take action and change your state as quickly as possible to avoid the “3 day pity party situation”.

“How can I change my state?” I hear you ask.

This will be different for everyone as we all like different things, so you need to make a list of about 20 things that you LOVE doing and that ALWAYS puts you in a good mood.

It must be stuff that’s easily accessible (Yes, I also want to fly to the Caribbean, but the do-ablity factor on this is rather low on a random Tuesday morning).

It could be:

  • having a coffee at your favourite cafe´ and people watching.
  • going to the beach or a nearby lake and eating an ice-cream.
  • putting on a face mask and dancing to your favourite music.
  • putting your phone off and reading a book you bought months ago but never get around to reading.
  • depending on your budget, it could be going for a massage or a pedicure.
  • you could try my Private Beach Relaxation Hypnosis.

It has to be personal, accessible and make you as happy as a kid on Christmas morning.

Now you’re going to be tempted to push through and “work”.

I would advise against this for the simple reason that whatever you produce and create while in this bad mood and low vibe energy is going to reflect that. Which is my polite way of saying it’s going to be .

That post will probably not get the usual interaction and this will make you plummet as you accept it as “evidence” and your Inner Critic is going to have a field day. So the cycle will continue getting worse and worse until you are a snivelling heap on the floor, sitting in the corner questioning your very existence.

Now, you might have to do more than one action on the list and that is PERFECTLY OK!

What worked last month, might not do it for you today. Just go through your list until you are your “bright eyed and bushy tailed” self again and remember don’t bother working as it’s wasted effort. Take an ‘energy day’ and go do something fun. Believe me it works!