Meet Your Inner Child

She’s the ‘you-est’ part of you deep inside
She’s innocence and wonder and joy
She’s happiness and creativity and delight
She’s daisy chains and flower crowns and whirling and dancing and laughing till your sides hurt
But she’s also scared and abandoned and mistreated and silenced

And it’s time to heal her

Most of us never think about having an inner child. Sometimes even just saying ‘inner child’ makes us cringe. Far too hippy. Instead we get on with our lives as adults, doing our adult things and dealing with our adult problems (usually with a glass of wine on hand). No inner child here.


But the fact is, she is there. Born, moulded and shaped by our personal history, our environment, the people who impacted us. And while we eventually grew up, she stayed the same, carrying the weight of our emotional baggage, bearing our scars, and internalising our pain. All while desperately seeking the tiniest smidge of approval, validation or acknowledgement. Being an inner child is a tough job.


Now, of course we’re all different, and we all have different challenges to face.

Perhaps you’re struggling to get promoted because you lack self-confidence.

Perhaps you have trouble finding or maintaining a relationship because you believe you’re not worthy of love.

Or perhaps you avoid sex because you have intimacy issues.


Whatever your own personal limiting belief or stumbling block, you’d be surprised at how many of your adult problems can be traced back to formative childhood experiences – and how effective connecting with your inner child can be in resolving them.

I’ll prove it to you.

How many of these statements sound familiar?


Your value as a person is completely dependent on your performance


No matter how hard you try, you won’t ever be good enough


You over-think everything everyone says, all the time


You don’t know how to have fun


You don’t belong anywhere


The world isn’t a safe place


Love isn’t unconditional – it needs to be earned


Being abused was YOUR fault


Everybody will hurt you, so you can’t trust anyone

Whether you connect with one, or all of these statements, it’s not grown-up you that feels that connection.

It’s your inner child.

And unless you start the process to fully heal the child inside, you’ll never truly be the powerful adult you were born to be.

So where do I start?

It’s simple.

In order to heal your inner child, you first need to connect with your inner child.

To meet her, start a dialogue with her, get to know her and understand her. Emotional pain and trauma doesn’t just disappear with a snap of the fingers (if only!). Instead, it needs to be acknowledged and understood.

Our inner child is the most sacred part of us, and it’s that we need to connect with in order to start the healing process – to move past the pain that has built up inside us over so many decades, pushed to the side and ignored.

Whether you need to come to terms with the influence of emotionally unavailable parents, whether you need to face up to the consequences of physical, psychological or sexual abuse, it all starts with the child inside, and the unique program I’ve designed to heal her.

Meet Janine

As a survivor of childhood trauma myself, I know from personal experience just how important and just how valuable healing your inner child can be.

That’s why I designed this program – to give you the tools and the awareness you need to heal yourself, free yourself, and empower yourself.

As a psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and heart-centred life coach, I’ve dedicated my career to helping women just like you. But I don’t believe that it needs to take years of your life and all your hard-earned savings. Instead, all it needs is a little time, a little application, and a little thought, and you’ll have everything you need to put you on the path to emotional healing and wellness.

Imagine a life free from baggage and past hurt and pain – one where the best, most powerful you shines through every day. That’s what I want for you, and that’s what my program is designed to give you.

What does it include?

1. Instructional video

2. Hypnotic regression audio

3. An Investment of just $97

And of course, the potential to finally release yourself from the sub-conscious effects of trauma, and heal yourself from the inside out.


*Please note since this product is digitally delivered, all sales are final.

Find your inspiration

Not quite sold yet? That’s ok.

As a trauma expert, I’ve had the privilege of working with a number of women over the years, either in group therapy, one-on-one, or in my Facebook support group.

Their stories might inspire you to change yours.

“Janine is a fantastic RTT therapist. I am thrilled to have had a session with her.

The session was amazing and for the first time in my life, I feel like I can do anything and become the successful person I have always wanted to be.

I would recommend her to anyone.

Thank you so much, Janine!”

– C. Viljoen – 


“After one session of RTT, Janine helped me finally identify the root causes of difficulties I’ve been experiencing for years, yet never been able to overcome. With her expert insight, wisdom and coaching skills she is now helping me to create new beliefs and behaviours that support my dreams and goals.

Indeed Janine’s coaching has been absolutely instrumental in helping wire in habits to support my new empowering beliefs and living a life I aspire to lead. I feel so blessed and lucky to work with Janine. I cannot recommend her more highly!”

– J. Williams – 

Let’s work together to start connecting with, engaging with, and healing your inner child.

You CAN achieve mental, emotional, and psychological wellness – and what’s more, you deserve to!

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