Meet Janine


Hi, I’m Janine and I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by.

My formal Bio will tell you I’m a psychotherapist specialising in Trauma & PTSD, clinical hypnotherapist and No BS Business coach helping female entrepreneurs heal their emotional baggage and achieve the spectacular business success they desire.

When entrepreneurs start their online ventures they think about branding, websites, social media posts as well as hiring a VA, a copywriter and a graphic designer.

Often, they forget about the secret ingredient in the success equation: a mindset mentor.

You can have the most beautiful website and social media graphics, but believe me, if your mindset isn’t on point, you won’t reach your goals, whether it’s having your first 5k month or finally hitting 6 figures.

Imagine your mind is like an attic. You want to turn into a beautiful office, but you can’t start the renovation before you’ve gotten rid of all the junk that’s piled up in there over your lifetime.

That’s where I come in!

Using a unique combination of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and business strategy I first identify the negative beliefs, mental blocks and self-sabotaging behaviours you’ve accumulated, and we deal with that so you can start with the best clean slate. You see to build your dream future, you start by dealing with your past.

You see, to build your dream future,

you start by dealing with your past.

Perhaps you suffered some form of abuse, were made to feel not good enough, grew up in scarcity or simply believe that what you really want will never be available to you. Regardless whether you sabotage your efforts, have an eating disorder, are the queen of procrastination, or need help designing your next kick-ass lead magnet- I have the skills and tools that’ll get you where you want to be.

I’ve been called a ‘trauma whisperer’, magician, rock star and warrior by my clients, but in reality, when you hire me you’re getting a therapist, mentor, cheerleader, sales strategist with almost 2 decades of sales and corporate management experience and business coach all-in-one.

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