Podcast Interviews

Building Unseen Strength with Janine Wirth

I was recently a guest Kacee Fitness LLC’s podcast Guilt-Free Healthy Living. You can take a listen on this link and check out Kacee’s website.

Healing Unresolved Trauma to Take Back Your Life

Janine to shares her story of how she’s been able to find freedom from her traumatic childhood and is now helping other women do the same and take back control of their lives.

Talking About Trauma with Janine Wirth

I had the pleasure of interviewing Janine who is a therapist and business coach. She shares her PTSD story. She also shares a lot of info and tips on trauma and gives amazing advice for self-care.

Overcoming Trauma with Janine

We’ve had a few mental health professionals on The Rookie Life, but not a hypnotherapist. Today’s guest, Janine Wirth, is joining us all the way from Germany and I can’t wait for you to hear her fascinating story.

How Unresolved Trauma Might Be Holding You Back...

 Today on the Practical Ascension Podcast I am joined by Janine Wirth from Path to Healing Therapy & Coaching. Janine is on a mission to free women from the burden of unresolved trauma without spending years in therapy. 

Episode 1 - The Trauma Whisperer with Janine Wirth

I was recently interviewed by the lovely Victoria Johnson for her podcast. Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and take a listen here

TGGG153: Update Episode: Janine Wirth

This is a special update episode of The Grass Gets Greener podcast. I’m joined by Janine Wirth from episode 132. Janine rejoins me to talk about what she’s been up to since she was first on the show, including the work she’s currently doing helping female entrepreneurs overcome issues stemming from unresolved trauma so that they can have greater success. 

Banish Binge Eating with Janine Wirth

Helping women scrape their slates clean and be who they were meant to be before bad things happened to them. Trauma affects how we parent, show up in our careers as well as personal relationships. By healing that broken part deep within, everything else naturally improves. She creates more awareness about trauma and how it affects you later in life.

Love Lessons - How To Stop Self Sabotaging In Dating

Janine was interviewed on the Women’s Radio Station on the topic of Self Sabotaging when dating

Resilient Women Interview with Janine Wirth

Janine aka “the trauma whisperer” is a licensed psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and coach specializing in helping women heal from unresolved trauma and emotional baggage without spending years in therapy. 

The Trauma Whisperer, Janine Wirth talks About Trauma

The Trauma Whisperer, Janine Wirth, a licensed psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, and coach, has a virtual global practice where she works with women to help them heal from those experiences. 

Is Unresolved Trauma Sabotaging Your Relationship?

Lyn is with Janine Wirth a licensed psychotherapist specialising in unresolved trauma and challenging life experiences.

As someone who experienced a hugely traumatic event just as she was transitioning into her adult life, Janine knows exactly how trauma can change and shape us.