Client love

Here is what some of my clients have to say about working with me

Janine is a great therapist, caring and professional. After one RTT session with her, I feel empowered and truly confident. I now feel excited for anything that might come my way.

(Sanna – Sweden)

Janine is an exceptional Psychotherapist with many years of knowledge. She is competent, trustworthy and action-orientated.

Her energy is warm and considerate and I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking help to free yourself from childhood trauma – be it small (as was my case) to more intricate.

(Sashka – Austria​)

My session with Janine was worth every penny. It has removed massive blocks, which were the result of my childhood trauma, that were literally weighing me down, and stopping me from reaching my full potential.

Since my session I have been full of energy, I have stopped procrastinating and I am stepping out of my comfort zone every day. I am going after everything I didn’t think I deserved!

(Kata – UK)

Janine is a fantastic RTT therapist. I am thrilled to have had a session with her. The session was amazing and for the first time in my life, I feel like I can do anything and become the successful person I have always wanted to be. Thank you so much, Janine.

I would recommend Janine to anyone​.

(Claudia – South Africa​)

Janine is exceptional in her line of work. She is passionate about her role in helping others reach their goals and has the ability in uncovering the true source of how and when our life path changed or impacted one’s life negatively.

I have personally been working with Janine to overcome some of my own issues and can honestly say that it has had an extremely positive output thus far.

I highly recommend Janine and her expertise within RTT. You will not regret taking a journey with this outstanding therapist and coach.

(Nicola – Norway)

After one session of RTT, Janine helped me finally identify the root causes of difficulties I’ve been experiencing for years, yet never been able to overcome.

With her expert insight, wisdom and coaching skills she is now helping me to create new beliefs and behaviours that support my dreams and goals.

Indeed Janine’s coaching has been absolutely instrumental in helping wire in habits to support my new empowering beliefs and living a life I aspire to lead. I feel so blessed and lucky to work with Janine.

I cannot recommend her more highly!

(Jen  – UK​)

For the 1st time in years I woke up feeling relaxed! It was such an emotional session, and I finally feel free.

I feel I can really work on myself every day to become everything I always wanted to be!

Janine is such a lovely therapist and I know she is making a huge difference in the world of trauma therapy!

(Lindi – South Africa)

I went to see Janine about self-confidence issues and the session was just what I needed.

She made me feel calm and relaxed and during the session, we unearthed some of the fundamental reasons why I had lost my self-confidence at an early age and then turned that around so I understood I no longer had to believe that anymore.

Instead, I have a powerful new mantra to believe in that I am working on very day and feel like a weight has been lifted.

Thank you! I wholeheartedly recommend Janine.

(Charlotte – UK)

I wasn’t making any money in my business, no income was flowing in at all. I felt terrible, it was affecting all areas of my life and I was started to feel depressed.

After seeing an interview of Janine speaking about how trauma can hold one back in business, I knew I wanted to work with her and try her method. Working with Janine was fun and relaxing, everything flowed so well and it was much easier than I anticipated.

I signed up for coaching after our initial work and money is now coming in every day and I’m making major progress!

I’m super excited and am so grateful to Janine. If you feel stuck in your business, I recommend that you work with Janine, DON’T HESITATE, JUST DO IT NOW!

(Marina – USA)

I was recently fortunate enough to have a Skype session with Janine. It was incredible! It was such a pleasure to be able to experience this from the comfort of my own home with someone so far away.

This allowed me access to something not available to me locally. The significance it has had on my life in just a short time is amazing, I am currently busy with the 21-day affirmation recording and already feeling the benefits.

I actually want to get out of bed in the mornings now and feel well equipped to deal with whatever life has in store for me.

Nagging feels of doubt and procrastination have left me and I have a new lease on life. I cannot recommend this investment in yourself enough as it is something you will benefit from forever. Thank you, Janine!

(Aimee – South Africa)

Janine is an amazing caring woman, who took me down a very emotional path, but at the end of that path was a truly wonderful new journey which I am embarking on.

I can’t wait to continue my journey with her.

(Lisa – Spain)

Janine is one of the most intuitive therapists I have ever met.

She really cares about her clients and is committed to freeing them from their issues.

I love her no-nonsense approach. One feels safe in her hands. Her ability to get to the root of presenting issues quickly is remarkable.

She totally ‘gets’ her client and I would recommend Janine unreservedly.

(Marie – UK)

I was fortunate enough to have a session with Janine to release weight. Janine is highly skilled at what she does.

In our session, she was quickly able to discover the root cause of why I yo-yo dieted and repeatedly sabotaged any efforts to shed weight, which originated from my childhood.

She ´rewired’ my mind, changing my limiting beliefs to new empowering ones and provided me with a wonderful personalized hypnosis audio which was a pleasure to listen to.

As a result of my session with Janine, I have a much better relationship with food and have successfully shed the excess weight.

I would highly recommend Janine. She is an excellent therapist.

(Annabella – Morocco)